Intel 14th gen release date confirmed

Intel 14th gen release date confirmed
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Here’s everything you need to know about Intel 14th gen release date.

The Intel 14th gen release has been in discussion for the last four months, and after an official statement by Intel, it’s finally time to get ready.

Intel has recently seen its stocks and market shares fall, so could the release of their 14th Generation processors re-establish their foothold over AMD and other competitors?

While Intel 13th Gen CPUs ushered in adoption of PCIe 5.0, the next iteration could improve on this through expansion and development of the technology, including with the addition of L4 cache. Indeed, these CPUs could very well end up becoming some of the best CPUs for gaming.

Intel 14th Gen release date

Intel Core 14th gen desktop processors will be available to buy from October 17th, 2023.

With the launch, Intel are promising the release of ‘the world’s fastest desktop processor‘, the Core i9 14900K/KF. The new family of desktop processor includes six new unlocked processors and delivers up to 24 cores and 32 threads, with a whopping 6 GHz of frequency. Take a look at the comparison between the Intel Core i9 14900K vs the Intel Core i9 13900K, to see what’s changed since the previous generation.

Good news! Otherwise known as Raptor Lake Refresh, Intel is maintaining the same pricing for its 14th gen Core i9, i7, and i5 as the 13th gen retail pricing. Find out more on the Intel 14th gen CPU pricing and where you can buy the Intel 14th Gen.

What’s the difference between Arrow and Meteor Lake?

Arrow Lake’s latest CPU tile isn’t merely a refresh of Meteor Lake or an upgrade like Raptor Lake was to Alder Lake. It’s an entirely new CPU tile, featuring the new 20A process and potentially improved and more numerous cores. These tiles also deliver greater specialization compared to AMD-style chiplets.

Will Meteor Lake CPU have a VPU?

Ahead of Computex, one of technology’s biggest annual events, Intel announced their Meteor Lake CPU will have VPU which stands for Vision Processing Unit. It’s basically a type of AI accelerator designed to improve ‘machine vision’ performance that would represent a massive performance upgrade. The VPU will take advantage of third gen tech from Movidius which Intel acquired back in 2016. It’s designed to be low power, while exhibiting features like real-time video editing and filtering. The VPU will also help accelerate the process of Stable Diffusion which is super important for solving text-to-image generation problems.