Is there Nintendogs for Switch?

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If you’re someone like me, who’s suddenly grown nostalgic for the original Nintendogs on Nintendo DS and 3DS, then you’re probably wondering if Nintendogs is on Switch.

The game where you got to look after and train virtual puppies has remained in people’s hearts since its original release almost 15 years ago. It was Nintendo’s second-highest selling game on Nintendo DS, second only to New Super Mario Bros, winning several awards that led to Nintendogs toys, trading cards, and a sequel called Nintendogs + Cats in 2011 for Nintendo 3DS. But is there a Nintendogs, or equivalent for Nintendo Switch?

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Unfortunately, Nintendo never took the original franchise to Switch, to the disappointment of many long-time fans. It’s been six whole years since the Switch originally launched too with barely a peep from Nintendo.

Why is there no Nintendogs for Switch?

There are probably all sorts of reasons why Nintendogs hasn’t made it to Switch yet. On a hardware level, the Switch lacks a built-in microphone meaning you can’t name your dog with your own voice, or teach it any tricks like in the original game. This wouldn’t stop Nintendo from adapting the game for Switch, but it could be a limitation.

Or Nintendo has stopped caring about those dogs which haven’t been fed since 2010.

Will there ever be another Nintendogs game?

It could get interesting with rumours of the Switch 2 starting to surface. There’s absolutely no evidence to suggest Nintendogs will return, but if the Switch 2 got a built-in microphone or camera like the original design of the Nintendo DS and 3DS, maybe Nintendogs could come to the Switch.

Obviously, this is all just wishful thinking. There actually has been another Nintendogs-like game already called Little Friends: Dogs and Cats. It hasn’t garnered nearly the same level of attention as Nintendogs though which isn’t a good sign. Even if Nintendo did decide to introduce Nintendogs to Switch, the DS version was iconic – you just can’t recreate what Nintendogs was between 2006-2010. And maybe that’s for the best (I say with tears in my eyes).

A picture of a dog from Nintendogs for Switch with a caption that reads 'fly old me'.
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Could Nintendogs come to mobile?

Well, it definitely could. Not only would a smartphone have a camera and built-in microphone to teach the dog tricks, but there’s been a leak from Nintendo suggesting plans to introduce a dog mobile game. Think Pokemon Go but with dogs! While there was no mention of Nintendogs, it certainly invites comparison.

A drawing of a person holding a phone in a room while playing Nintendogs for Switch.

Nintendo games including Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing and Pikmin Bloom have already made the leap to mobile, so it wouldn’t be unheard of for Nintendogs to follow suit.

Maybe it’s more likely to see Nintendogs come mobile than Switch.

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What games are like Nintendogs for Switch

The closest thing we’ve got to Nintendogs right now is Little Friends: Dogs and Cats and Little Friends: Puppy Island (which currently has a free demo). I’ve not played either, but the online reception hasn’t been great. The trailer made me instantly miss the music from the original too which was composed by Hajime Wakai who also worked on The Legend of Zelda. You just can’t beat Nintendogs for DS.

So there you have it – all the goss for Nintendogs and whether it could come to Switch.

Frequently asked questions

Is Little Friends worth it?

Based on reading reviews and watching gameplay, OG Nintendogs fans might be let down with Little Friends. The dogs are still cute and it’s still a good pet simulator, but possibly lacking in quirkiness that we saw with the original DS game.

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