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Best case for RTX 4090 (ATX, RGB, watercooling, & more)

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We’re here to help you find the best case for RTX 4090.

With the RTX 4090, the chances are that your PC case might not be big enough to house your new graphics card due to its size. Choosing the right PC case is important when it comes to the RTX 4090 since it demands a large case for effective cooling. In this article, you’ll find our picks of the best cases for RTX 4090, plus some guidance on how best to choose one.

If you’re looking out for a new PC case, you might be wanting a new PSU alongside your GPU in which case you might want to have a look at our best RTX 4090 PSUs here, but without further ado – here are our picks for the best case for RTX 4090.

We’ve even compared the RTX 4090 with the PS5, which even though it sounds slightly daft, it’s actually interesting to check your consoles stack up against gaming PC hardware.

The RTX 4080 and the RTX 4070 Ti aren’t as cumbersome as the RTX 4090, so might not require the same housing, however, if you’re interested in building a PC with a new GPU and aren’t sure which case to settle on – many of the cards appearing on these lists are interchangeable.


Best case for RTX 4090

Below you’ll find our shortlist of best RTX 4090 cases from popular retailers:

Nvidia’s flagship GPU’s top tier specs mean it will eat up over 450 watts at full capacity mainly because of its monstrous VRAM size and high TDP. Brands like Corsair and ROG Strix are looking like quality options for heat dissipation. We’ve also chosen cases with a mesh or glass which are ideal for cooling, whilst factoring in the amount of space you’ll need for fans and radiators.

The RTX 4090’s release has been determined by the different controversies surrounding the product. The price, melting power pin adaptors and enormous size have all been central to Nvidia’s release of GPUs this year, so if you’re concerned about whether or not the expensive 4090 is going to be compatible with your new PC – you’ll be able to find that all out here.

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Best full ATX PC case for RTX 4090 – ROG Strix Helios

ROG Strix Helios

Case Size
Mid Tower
250 x 565 x 591 mm
1 x headphone, 1 x microphone, 4 x USB 3.1 Gen 1, 1 x USB 3.1 Gen2 Type C
Tempered Glass
Yes – front, left & right panels.
Room for 420mm front radiators plus water-cooling pump and reservoir

An excellent choice to deal with the 4090’s massive size. This case comes with excellent cable support and supports up to an EATX motherboard with space for 420mm front radiators as well a water-cooling pump and radiator.

Check out the ROG Strix Helios here.

Best PC case for airflow – Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL

Corsair 4000D Airflow

Case Size
Full Tower
471 x 285 x 513 mm
4 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 3.1 type-C, 1 x HD audio
Tempered Glass
Yes – left and front panels
3 x 120 mm (side), 1 x 120mm (rear), 3 x 120 mm (base), 3 x 120mm (top)

This case is from the O11 Dynamic series which specialises in water cooling compatibility whilst keeping the design simple and elegant, thanks to German engineering by DER8AUR. Have peace of mind with upgraded cooling support which works even when mounting dual GPU or vertical GPU.

Best RGB case for RTX 4090 – Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO

Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO

Case Size
Mid Tower
456 x 285 x 459 mm
2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 3.1 type-C, 1 x HD audio/mic, LED color and mode button, reset button, power button
Tempered Glass
tinted tempered glass & fine black mesh for airflow and dust filtering
custom water cooling, accommodating up to 3 x 360mm and up to 10 fans

We like this case for its front panel LED strip features which has 7 built-in lighting effects controlled via

the M button. This gives it a great overall look.

It’s not just a pretty face either, with sophisticated cooling, including an upgraded dust filter and space for up to ten fans.

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Space is something it’s got loads of in fact. There’s ample room for up to 9x SSDs or 6x HDDs and even 3x SSDs. There’s also the possibility of adding a second PSU if you remove the drive cage.

Best white PC case for RTX 4090 – Phanteks Eclipse P500 Air

Phanteks Eclipse P500 Air

Case Size
Mid Tower
240 x 510 x 505 mm
USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C, 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x mic and headphone jack, reset button, lighting button, power button
Tempered Glass
Yes – tempered glass side panel
space for up to seven 120 mm fans or six 140mm fans, water cooling radiators

This premium case sits between the P400 and P600s in terms of specs. It has quality airflow properties and is available in an elegant matte white colour. It comes with an ultrafine performance mesh, that maximises airflow without compromising any internal components thanks to its integrated dust filter.

Best budget friendly case for RTX 4090 – Lian Li O11D Mini

Lian Li O11D Mini

Case Size
Mini Tower
420mm x 269.5mm x 380mm
USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C, 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x mic and headphone jack
Tempered Glass
Yes – top and left
Space for up to 8 120mm fans or 6 140mm fans

This inventive case from Lian Li is available for a great price, especially when you consider what it offers you and your RTX 4090. Firstly it’s got ample room for all the components you need to make the most of your premium GPU. That’s space for up to 8 120mm fans, or 6 140mm, giving you plenty of room to customise your cooling set-up.

On top of that, there is support for a wide selection of motherboards and radiators. It’s this versatility, coupled with the price that makes this case one of our favourites.

Features to look out for in RTX 4090 PC cases

If you’ve got your hands on the RTX 4090, choosing the right PC case is the next thing on your list to make sure your new graphics card can operate at its full capacity. Below you’ll find a short explanation on the specific features you should consider, including: size, airflow and ports.

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GPU Compatibility

There are two factors which will affect what size PC case you need:

First is the actual size of your GPU. For obvious reasons you need to make sure your GPU physically fits inside the case whilst factoring in what else is inside the case. You might have other hardware like AIOs, water-cooling tubes and drive cages which all take up space, not to mention you might want to leave room for some extra fans. Our advice for the RTX 4090 is that bigger is probably better here.

Second is the thickness of the GPU, which is measured in millimetres or slots. The RTX 4090 has triple slots which has until now been fairly rare since triple slots are generally reserved for top tier graphics cards. You basically need to make sure there’s enough room at the back of your case and on your motherboard.


Make sure your case fully supports airflow with a glass or mesh case, plus plenty of room for fans. An easy rule is the more fans the better when it comes to the 4090, though be weary with the amount of power it’ll be eating up.


You won’t want any limitations from your GPU case, especially if you’ve got the RTX 4090. Coming with 1 x HDMI and 3 x DisplayPort, it’s worth knowing that these connectors are at the top of the card, but will be on the side of your case when you install it. Bear in mind you might need longer cables to make sure they can easily be tucked out the way.

And below here we’ve listed the best retailers where you might be able to pick up a case for the RTX 4090, or a case itself.

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RTX 4090 case FAQs

How big is the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090?

The Founders Edition has a card length of 12 inches, and most custom cards are expected to be much bigger. However, the smallest sizes we’ve seen has been the GIGABYTE Aorus RTX 4090 Xtreme Waterforce which has a card length of 9.4 inches.

Do I need more fans for the RTX 4090?

If you have open spaces in your current PC card it’s definitely advised to fit more in. A lack of airflow in your case could lead to excessive heating which in short would be detriment to your precious 4090 and its performance level.

How much power does the 4090 draw?

The official power draw is 450W, up 100W from the previous generation. You may need to consider a new PSU for your graphics card.

Are third party RTX 4090 different sizes?

Yes – you’ll find that models like the ROG Strix is much larger at 358mm length and quad slot thickness compared to the smaller Gainward RTX 4090 Phantom which is just 329mm in comparison. Make sure you check the dimensions of your model before committing to a case.