Secretlab Magnus Pro review – the best gaming desk yet?

Secretlab Magnus Pro review – the best gaming desk yet?
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The Secretlab Magnus Pro tops most lists as one of the finest gaming and standing desks. It’s sturdy, incredibly stable, and boasts a top-notch finish, offering all the features you need in a gaming desk. Its few flaws are minor in comparison to its overall excellence. In short, it’s the ultimate gaming desk investment.

Secretlab Magnus Pro

A black desk with a black top by Secretlab Magnus Pro.


150cm (L) x 70cm (W)

  • High quality equipment
  • Top level cable management
  • World’s first integrated power supply column
  • Endless adjustment arrangements
  • Only 70cm deep
  • Pricey

When it comes to the best gaming desk, whether it’s the most expensive or the cheapest desk, good quality equipment is essential for the best experience. In terms of the Magnus Pro, it ticks all the boxes. Solid and robust materials, excellent motors, and endless enhancing features. If you’re currently in the market for gaming furniture, pairing this desk with Secretlab’s Titan Evo gaming chair will set you apart from the rest. Take a look at our Titan Evo review to see what we’re talking about.

Let’s jump right into our Magnus Pro review to break down why we think it’s so great.

Magnus Pro price and availability

The Magnus Pro comes in two sizes, standard (150cm x 170cm) and XL (177cm x 80cm). This review is referring to the standard size, the difference isn’t massive as both desks are spacious but it’s important to keep in mind when reading. For just the desk, the Magnus Pro sits at £729/$799, and the XL is £829/$949. We’d highly recommend, if you have it, investing the extra cash in a stealth mat (£39/$49) and a monitor arm (£149/$149). These two features give the desk a premium feel by removing clutter and offering a customizable, high-quality finish.

Magnus Pro Unboxing + Assembly

Before you invest in the Secretlab, make sure you have space not just for the desk but for the boxes the desk arrives in. The Magnus Pro comes in 2 boxes – one with the legs and one with the desk. Both boxes are hefty so make sure you have somewhere accessible to store them and if you’re like us, someone to help you carry them. 

A Black Secretlab Magnus Pro desk sitting on a wooden floor next to a window.

Off the bat, Secretlab needs to be commended for its packaging. The Magnus Pro has been packaged to perfection, and regardless of how tumultuous the journey is to your doorstep, the desk will stay in prime condition. The box is filled with thick, high-density foam and layered so cleverly that there is no risk of scratches or dents. The boxes even include stiff brackets to keep everything contained still. 

A laptop box placed on a wooden floor.
Brackets inside the packaging to keep everything inside secure.

In terms of unboxing and assembly, it was pretty straightforward. I’m not sure I agree with Secretlab’s suggested 15-minute build-time, more like 30 minutes. Because of the sheer weight, I’d suggest you find someone to help you put the table together to avoid scratching the table or injuring yourself. 

The general assembly is super simple, and everything goes together nicely. The only awkward instruction is flipping the desk over at the end but if you have the extra pair of hands, it’s no issue. 

A black tv sitting on top of a wooden floor, accompanied by a Secretlab Magnus Pro desk review.


Simply put, the Magnus Pro looks brilliant. The desk is incredibly symmetrical and slim, fitting into spaces nicely without being overbearing on the eye. Despite its wide length, the Magnus Pro doesn’t look chunky in the slightest. 

A black gaming table in a room full of electronics is featured in the Secretlab Magnus Pro review.

Another word I’d use to describe the desk is clean. The overall design has a slick and polished feel with Secretlab really honing in on the excessive cable issue that gaming desks can often create. Not to be dramatic, but it feels somewhat revolutionary to experience a cable-free gaming desk. With the cable cover that sits at the back of the desk, you can place all the wires from your PC, monitor, speakers, etc in there. This way you’re not affronted by cables everywhere across the desk and all jumbled up by your feet.

Let’s talk about the desk mat, the first full-coverage magnetic desk mat. The magnetic cover slots into the desk like a tailored glove. It was a bit tedious to get on as it’s easy to create bubbles (another reason why having an extra pair of hands won’t go amiss). But once it’s on, damn the desk looks good. The mats also allow for a level of personalization with different styles available to swap in and out. 

Build quality

The Magnus Pro has an excellent build quality. No piece of equipment feels low quality in the box and everything comes together to feel rock-solid. With extendable desks, you want to be assured that they can safely go up and down without parts breaking. For the Magnus Pro, the legs feel sturdy and secure and are pre-lubricated to ensure easy extension. 

One thing to note is that despite the secure body of the desk, the cable tray that is attached to the back is made up of slightly weaker material. Not a problem as it’s only carrying wires and cables but something to be careful of when setting up the desk. 


Now for the fun part. If you haven’t already been convinced to get a Magnus Pro then these features definitely will. And if they don’t then you’re probably a bot. 

Height adjustment

The Magnus Pro height adjustment is what sets Secretlab’s desk above its predecessor and any competition. Whether you’re seeking a desk for gaming or work, the sit-to-stand feature is perfect. The desk is easy to control and allows for full customization of the height. 

A close up of a laptop with a violet light on it.

The desk’s height can be adjusted from 65cm to 125cm. If you’ve bought the PC mount, your computer is securely attached to the legs, so it moves up with the desk. Secretlab ensured proper construction to prevent upset customers from seeking compensation for damaged expensive machines. The desk can support up to 120kg, allowing me to sit on it whilst adjusting the height which, no doubt, fulfilled my performer dreams.  

Cable tray

This is not the first time that Secretlab has used cable trays on their desks but it still is a feature to celebrate. The Magnus Pro’s tray is built better than most with a hinged lid and a power pass-through. The hinged lid allows for both easy access and a sleek appearance because you can shut the tray and hide the cables. The power pass-through is a plug socket on the left side of the desk which allows you to connect power strips to the desk and then hide it in the tray. 

The tray is wide enough to store all the cables you could need for a PC and some. I was adding additional extension cables to attach different chargers to it. The practicality of the tray is perfect for those wanting to bring order to busy setups as, when done correctly, you only need one cable running to the desk from a mains power supply. 

Additional accessories

The Magnus Pro as a standalone desk is a great option for providing a solid, and spacious setup. To really let the Magnus Pro shine, the extra accessories that Secretlab offers should be considered. It does come with an extra cost and if that’s not within your budget, the desk alone is great. However, if you do have the funds, we’d highly recommend considering the following items.

Note: All the following features are add-ons that cost

Secretlab Magnus Pro monitor arms

Secretlab offers monitor mounts specifically designed for the Magnus Pro. These mounts are available in single or double-monitor versions, and we find them quite appealing. Not only are they flexible but they also keep cables out of sight allowing you to neatly route the monitor’s power and video cables through them. Matching the desk’s matte black and vivid red color scheme, they seamlessly blend in and securely attach to the main section of the desktop. However, if you opt for a special edition MAGPAD, the color coordination might not be perfect.

We highly recommend these mounts, especially since the Magnus Pro, despite its advanced features, isn’t the widest desk. It adds to the seamless feel of the desk that only space is taken up if it needs to be. 

Secretlab Magnus Pro PC mount

Secretlab offers a neat accessory alongside the Magnus Pro: their PC mount. This gadget attaches underneath the desk, securely holding your entire PC with its anti-scratch felt-coated grip. Seeing your pricey gaming PC lifted off the ground as the desk rises can be nerve-wracking, but the system is more than secure.

What’s more, attaching your PC to the desk significantly minimizes dust buildup and allows for excellent cable management. If done carefully, you can even make the cables disappear entirely.

RGB lighting

Practically, it doesn’t make a difference but aesthetically, the RGB lighting transforms the desk. The strip lights give the desk a colorful glow and complement the sleek black finish of the desk.

Final verdict – Should I buy the Magnus Pro?

The Magnus Pro is an absolute powerhouse of a desk. Secretlab has made significant improvements to the Magnus Pro. They’ve upgraded the original Magnus desk by adding sit-stand capability, introducing new accessories, and including a cable management tray with power passthrough, making it easier to conceal unsightly cords.

The only thing to note is that, despite the wide length, the desk is not that deep. However, if you invest the extra cash into a monitor arm more space becomes available. After upgrading my current setup to this monitor, I am confident that this desk will last me a long time. If you’re in the market for a desk, this is not one to miss. 

A gaming desk in a room filled with electronics, featuring the Secretlab Magnus Pro.


The Magnus Pro will remain a classic choice for years to come. The desk honors everything that is needed in a desk: robust, sleek, spacious, attractive.. With the seamless height adjustment, the desk rises above any competition (excuse the pun). If you're in the market for a desk, you've found the perfect one.
10 Robust and solid materials Excellent cable management Seamless sit-to-stand adjustment Integrated power supply Only 70cm deep Comes with a price