Editor's Note: Below is an overview of the PC-specific graphics and performance options available on this version of Dead Rising 3. For a review of the Xbox One version of the game, which delves deeper into the mechanics, story and world-building, click through to Steve's review here.

It's been obvious since E3 2013 that Dead Rising 3 was never going to be at its best on Xbox One. While the finished console release was nowhere near as bad as some feared, it still suffered from major frame rate trouble and aliasing issues. On PC, as you'd expect, these are mitigated, making an already enjoyable game better still. (Sadly, the recently-released Super Ultra DLC isn't included, but the four terrible 'Stories' DLC instalments are.)

Unlike some other PC games with console brethren (Wolfenstein, I'm looking at you) which are tragically bereft of certain integral performance modifiers, here Capcom has done a good job in offering a fairly broad toolset for players to tweak. Most of the usual suspects are in, with a multitude of AA options, texture res and quality settings and LOD sliders to be found.

While it certainly looks a lot better than before, it can also be a system hog, and crashed on me twice. Closer inspection of certain textures and reflections reveal odd effects, with the former in particular sometimes appearing muddy. But while these elements may not be perfect, it's the macro scale where the PC port shines: the much-improved lighting effects, draw distance and sheer number of zombies on screen all add up to something closer to the reveal trailer that got us all excited in the first place.