Speaking during an E3 roundtable, current Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma revealed that with the 3DS he plans to put right a wrong he has been living with for over a decade. And he'll do so with a new version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 3DS.

"Mr. Aonuma is actually a victim of Ocarina of Time," explained Nintendo's legendary video game creator Shigeru Miyamoto. "That was the first game he was yanked out of another team, by me, to come and work on a game as a director. He does have from that time one horrible memory that's lasted with him for a long time, that he would like to try to put to rest and make amends for."

"You've all played the Water Temple?" asked Aonuma. "How many people thought, boy that was really tough? I've lived with that for the last ten odd years.

"But with Nintendo 3DS we have touch screen. One of the things I think was problematic or maybe troublesome for you when you were playing through the Water Temple was the fact that you had to take the iron boots off, put them back on, take them off, put them back on. The controls for doing it were very hard. What I'd like to do is lay this evil shame I have to rest by implementing the touch screen in such a way that it makes it very natural and smooth and easy to put those iron boots on and take them off."

According to Miyamoto, players will also be able to change Link's clothes "much quicker, too".

Sounds great. Check out the full roundtable report here.