F1 2011 doesn't hit stores until September 23, but development work is already underway on features for F1 2012, according to F1 2011 chief game designer Stephen Hood.

"We've been looking at [YouTube functionality], but it's not included in F1 2011," Hood told VideoGamer.com. "They are on third iteration of DiRT, and that was built on GRID. Where we swapped, they took our weather system, we took their splitscreen. So we've got those things up and running. Our view sometimes is, you have to take the pain in order to get that gain long-term.

"We'd like to change the way we have all the replays work, and all the stuff around that, so that you're able to jump to loads of different views and then upload footage to YouTube. And we also want to turn it into a development tool. At the moment, when QA teams have to send bugs to people and say, 'Look what happens if you do this with the car!', it's invariably a video, or just a screenshot. We want to be able to send the game off to somebody, internally or externally, so you can move around all the cars and see what happened, rather than it just being a YouTube update. Again, that would be three months of what we're trying to do, but we're taking that hit now, to include that in the sequel."

We are big fans of F1 2010, awarding it 9/10 in our F1 2010 review from last year. This year's game, aptly titled F1 2011, is due for release on September 23.