The Kiwami remasters of the Yakuza series have proven very popular so far, with Sega even asking fans which entries in the series they would like to see remade a few months ago.  But as for a potential next game in the series to get a similar treatment, Yakuza producer Daisuke Sato has offered up a potentially unexpected suggestion.

Upon being asked on the subject at the recent Chinese language launch of Yakuza 5 for the PlayStation 4 in Taiwan (as reported by Bahamut and translated by Silconera) Sato said that he thinks 'Personally, Yakuza: Kenzan is quite suitable to get a ‘Kiwami’ makeover.'

If you've not heard of Yakuza: Kenzan, that's understandable. Originally released only in Japan, the spin-off game actually transports the action to the Edo period in Japan in 1605 and sees alternate reality versions of series protoganists Kiryu and Majima as samurai.

Sato specifcally calls out that a Kiwami version would let him and his team bring the spin-off to the West, saying 'A lot of Western players mentioned that they want to play this game in English, and Asian players also want the game to release in Chinese. And because Kenzan was an early PS3 game, if it were to receive a simple HD remaster it would feel like it’s missing something, so in my opinion a ‘Kiwami’ version would be better.'

Judgment, an entirely new Yakuza spin-off, is of course, out today on PlayStation 4. Watch us play some of it here, or check out our review here.


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