XDefiant players are desperate for Season 1 to begin

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XDefiant is edging towards the start of Season 1, which will mark the first major update for the game. For some players this can’t come soon enough as the game is currently experiencing many issues that need addressing, and now some players are quitting the game until they are fixed.

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U/Lopsided_Bear3451 took to Reddit to share their experience with XDefiant and the glaring issues that are plaguing the game, resulting in them not playing until the next update goes live.

“The longer I play this since release the less I like it if I’m being honest. Every match feels like I’m in a sweaty SBMM COD lobby. I don’t know what is wrong with TTK on my end. Sometimes it feels good, sometimes it feels like people are literal bullet sponges. I know they’re patching it but snipers and bunny hop spammers are getting painfully old.”

U/Godera agreed by saying “Absolutely hate the snipers and bunny hopping. Delete them, the game would be more fun without them,” while U/iKiloByte has already quit playing saying “I stopped playing a few weeks ago. I miss it because I genuinely enjoy the game a majority of the time, but I definitely got burnt out on the hit reg/netcode and bunny hopping.”

While it is frustrating that XDefiant has many issues, it is only a month old and things will balance out over time as Ubisoft begins releasing new updates for the game. It appears that Ubisoft is in for the long haul and isn’t looking to abandon XDefiant anytime soon, so there is still plenty of time to get into the game, and it will no doubt have many high and low points like other live service games. If you have yet to jump into XDefiant, now is a good time before Season 1 begins. To get started, we highly recommend checking out our beginners tips and tricks guide.

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