XDefiant June 18 update Y1S0.4 patch notes detail big changes

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XDefiant has been a lot of fun since launch, and there is a lot to anticipate for year 1 of the game’s future. Season 1 is only a couple of weeks away, and it should introduce plenty of new content for fans to enjoy. But, before the arrival of Season 1, Ubisoft has released a new update. Here you will find the XDefiant June 18 update Y1S0.4 patch notes to see of all the latest balance changes and fixes.

The release date for Season 1 has been revealed for July 2nd. In addition to revealing the launch day for Season 1, the game’s executive producer has confirmed that Team Deathmatch is arriving in a “couple of weeks“. Not only that, but Ubisoft is releasing another new mode much sooner than originally intended thanks to fan demand.

All of the above is great news and should make for a very exciting Season 1. However, there’s still a couple of weeks remaining for preseason, and Ubisoft has just shared the patch notes for their new update, Y1S0.4.

XDefiant June 18 update Y1S0.4 patch notes

Below are the XDefiant June 18th update Y1S0.4 patch notes:


Sped up the process of unlocking weapon attachments by lowering the amount of XP needed to level up your primary weapon, from 3,500 to 3,000, and your secondary weapon, from 1,500 to 1,000. This change is retroactive, meaning your existing weapon levels will likely be even higher now. Pause for polite applause.

To counterbalance this speedier access to performance-enhancing attachments–and provide a greater challenge to the community–Weapon Mastery level requirements have increased. However, any player who has already unlocked Bronze/Silver/Gold skins will get to keep them. We’re not monsters.


Improved how quickly your health reacts when being shot, which should reduce the feeling of being shot behind walls.


Players wielding the MDR while strutting around in the Firestorm skin were experiencing an abnormal level of recoil, which has been reset to normal recoil. So strut away.


Restored the decorum of lying down when dead to players who previously remained on their feet after dying while under the influence of Libertad’s Medico Supremo ultra.


Additional crash fixes.

For more XDefiant, a leaker claims we are getting Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed-themed seasons in year 1, and that Season 1 is adding Capture The Flag.

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