XDefiant dev fully explains bunny hopping punishments

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One of the biggest complaints with XDefiant since day one has been overpowered snipers coupled with incessant bunny hopping from players. Fortunately, these two issues have been addressed and fixed in the latest update from Ubisoft. Elaborating on yesterday’s patch notes, an XDefiant developer has explained the precise punishments added to bunny hopping.

You can check out the update Y1S0.3 patch notes to see all of the latest balance changes and fixes from Ubisoft. As for the future, Ubisoft has said that Team Deathmatch will arrive in a “couple of weeks” with Search and Destroy slightly after, and the release date for Season 1 is imminent.

While we cannot wait for Season 1 and more multiplayer modes, right now we have a new update that has addressed two of the biggest problems with the game since launch. Snipers have been nerfed with added flinch, and punishments have been added for bunny hopping.

XDefiant bunny hopping punishments explained

XDefiant developer, ACHES, has elaborated on Ubisoft’s patch notes by sharing specifics about the punishments added to bunny hopping. Below is the details shared by the developer:

  • For Jump Height – it is reduced by 30% for each consecutive jump within a period of time.
  • For Player Speed – it is reduced by 20% for each consecutive landing within a period of time and you quickly resume full speed.
  • Like regular movement speed, the weapon you are using also effects your base ADS Jump Height. This value is 1:1 with the movement speed modifiers we use for each weapon class. So; Pistols > SMGs > ARs etc. (Note: There are some exceptions, like the MDR uses SMG movement speed modifiers)
  • Jump/Crouch spam penalty: What is the penalty? Once you reach the minimum number of inputs, we add sway(in ADS) and spread(in hip fire) to your weapon, that will get continually worse until it reaches its maximum amount.
  • What triggers this? We will give you 3 inputs within 1s intervals penalty free. Each time you initiate a jump, that timer refreshes and if you hit a 4th jump while that timer is running, we will trigger the penalty.
  • Worth noting Jump & Crouch are fully separated inputs and have independent counters from each other and Sliding does not count as crouch for this.
  • How long does this last? Both the sway and spread penalty will last 1.25s

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