Xbox One's forthcoming Windows 10 user interface offers up to 50 per cent faster performance, according to head of Xbox Phil Spencer.

In an interview with Giant Bomb, Spencer spoke about about the improvements coming to the dashboard.

"For us the Xbox UI focussed, my push within team was all about performance, because there are just certain things in the dash that are too slow. And I'm basically on my Xbox every night, and then, so, I wanted to one: keep you close to the game, and allow you to do things, finding your friends, matchmaking as quickly as possible.

"We are getting some benefits from Windows 10 coming to Xbox One in terms of performance and other things that will show up in the user interface," he continues, "for common tasks, we're almost 50 per cent faster in our dash in terms of button clicks and speed between things, which for me is just critical."

Windows 10 launches July 29, with the Xbox due a huge UI overhaul soon.

Source: Giant Bomb

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