Xbox has gone into further detail about the upcoming Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X's backwards compatbility features, including the promise that selected backwards compatible titles will see their framerates doubled when played on the next-generation systems.

In a new post on Xbox Wire, the company's Compatability Program Lead Peggy Lo spoke to the fact that while a lot of the improvements are naturally, thanks to the "improvements are the result of the custom designed processor that allows compatible games to play and leverage the increased CPU, GPU and memory," the backwards compatible team at Xbox have also "developed new methods for effectively doubling the framerate on select titles" as well.

Naturally, this can't be applied to every game—for example, those for which the game's physics are intrinsicly tied to framerate—but gives the example of Fallout 4 which goes from 30 frames per second to 60FPS on the Xbox Series S and shows off this new framerate in the video which you can see below.

On top of this, the Xbox Series S/X will also be able to utilise an system dubbed 'Auto HDR' which will give games—including original Xbox titles such as Fuzion Friendly that were made before HDR was even implemented— can benefit from HDR enchancements "without changing the original intent of the game; a feature that was originally touted back in May. In addition, many backwards compatible games will also benefit from improved texture filtering as well as increased anisotropic filtering. 

And if you're coming along from an older generation, Xbox want to sweeten the pot a little more, mentioning that they'll soon be enabling Cloud Saving for free for all Xbox 360 users in the near future, a feature that previously required an active Xbox Gold subscription to take advantage of on the older console.

The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X are both set to launch on November 10.

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