James Orry by on Nov 1, 2016

Xbox Scorpio will also support Xbox 360 backwards compatibility

Xbox Scorpio, the all singing, all dancing 6TF mega super Xbox console coming holiday 2017, will not only offer 4K gaming (that’s the promise), but will also be support the Xbox One’s Xbox 360 backwards compatibility feature.

“360 Backwards compatibility will of course work on Scorpio,” Tweeted Mike Ybarra, the Director of Program Management for Xbox.

The system won’t support all Xbox 360 games out of the box, but will support all the same titles which work on Xbox One.

You’ll find the latest list of compatible games over on Major Nelson’s blog, and according to Ybarra JRPG fans should keep an eye out for Blue Dragon and Star Ocean hitting the service pretty soon.

Source: @XboxQwik


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