Xbox One users receive a test error message written by a Brony

Xbox One users receive a test error message written by a Brony
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A number of Xbox One users have been circulating a strange error message they received that references My Little Pony. Posted by Redditor TechGuruGJ on the Xbox One subreddit (who also Tweeted it at Xbox’s corporate VP Mike Ybarra), the message is obviously a test placeholder that was never meant to go live, but it reveals Xbox has at least one Brony behind the scenes.

Nobody can figure out what error it’s responding to, but after TechGuru posted it more users came out of the woodwork to confirm they’d been getting it too. 

brony error message

The full text of the message reads:


This would be some long description of the error. Read it and weep! And if you haven’t looked up this phrase on the internet, please do! You will find a My Little Pony episode called “Read it and Weep.” Cloudchasers and Wonderbolts, you’ll never be forgotten!

Ybarra has now confirmed it is indeed a test string that shouldn’t have been showing up, and it’ll be fixed. Hopefully our mysterious Brony didn’t get too much of a hiding for the mistake.