Xbox One pre-orders ‘very strong’, says GAME

Xbox One pre-orders ‘very strong’, says GAME
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Pre-orders for Xbox One have been “very strong”, GAME has told, despite the console being on the receiving end of widespread criticism from much of the gaming community.

“We’ve seen great activity both in-store and online with very strong pre-order numbers,” said a GAME representative discussing Microsoft’s next-gen console. “There are a lot of gamers out there in the UK gaming community who can’t wait to get their hands on the console.”

Though GAME opted not to reveal how pre-orders for Microsoft’s console compared to those of PS4, the retailer says that both next-gen consoles have been “performing strongly” in the market following their announcement.

“Both Sony and Microsoft have extremely dedicated fanbases here in the UK,” the rep continued, “and pre-orders for both of these next generation consoles have been performing strongly following their announcement.”

Both consoles were priced during last week’s E3. Xbox One goes on sale this November for £429, with PS4 launching this Christmas for £349.

GAME also told that it will be working “hand-in-hand with publishers” on the issue of Xbox One’s DRM and the sale of pre-owned software.