Xbox One development has not been rushed and hasn't been influenced by what others are doing, Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hryb has said.

A Reddit poster believes the lack of external storage support at the launch of Xbox One points to the fact Xbox One development has been rushed, but Hryb was having none of it.

"The Xbox One program has been in development for years, so calling it 'Rushed' is incorrect," wrote the Major. "Did we have a few challenges between May and August? Sure. But we are working on our own schedule - not any one else's."

He added: "At Gamescom, every game in the Xbox booth was running on final Xbox One hardware. Every. Single. One.

"That would paint a very different take on the being 'rushed.'"

This means Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, Killer Instinct, Kinect Sports Rivals, Project Spark, Dead Rising 3, and FIFA 14 were all running on final hardware.

Hryb also defended his comments amidst accusations of being a corporate mouthpiece.

"I actually just want to set the record straight," he wrote. "Not just spit out PR BS. I won't and don't do that."

Xbox One will launch in November priced £429.

Source: Reddit/r/xboxone