Xbox Storage Expansion Cards
by on Oct 21, 2021

Xbox officially announces new 2TB and 512GB Storage Expansion Cards for Xbox Series X|S

Xbox and Seagate have confirmed they’re to launch two new sizes of their official Storage Expansion Cards for the Xbox Series X & S consoles.

As per the Xbox Wire, the cards will now also be available in a smaller, cheaper 512GB size and a larger 2GB option for those wanting even more storage. Both options will work with both new consoles, and offer the same Velocity architecture as the console’s internal drive. This means you’ll be able to store and run Xbox Series enhanced games directly from the drive.

The 512GB version will set you back $139.99 USD in the States. Retailers are taking pre-orders now, with the card’s launch set for mid-November. Meanwhile the 2GB offering will set you back $399.99 USD and launch in early December. Xbox hasn’t currently offered up a UK price, but say to check your local retailer very soon for more. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we find out.

It was reported earlier this month that a smaller version of the Xbox Storage Expansion card was on the way after listings were spotted at US and French retailers. The original 1TB model launched alongside the Xbox Series X and S consoles back in November of last year.


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