Microsoft faced a bit of a backlash from gamers following its E3 press conference, with many accusing the platform holder of not bringing many new games to the party.

However, Microsoft has hit back, claiming its line-up is "first class".

"We're very happy. I'm bound to say that because I'm biased, but generally, over the course of the last 24 hours since our press conference, the reaction from people has been very encouraging," Xbox Europe boss Chris Lewis told VG247.

"We're very proud of the fact that this is such a powerful line-up, the greatest line-up of games ever. We were unashamedly putting Halo 4 up there front and centre. We're very pleased with the reaction, not only to that title, but to Gears of War, Forza Horizon and Fable: The Journey, of course. Having Usher on stage to help us talk more about Dance Central 3 we thought was powerful and worked very well."

Pressed on whether the line-up is perhaps slighter than usual because of a move to the next generation, Lewis said: "I'm not convinced I agree with you. If I'm allowed to disagree with you, then I'll take the opportunity. I look across the line-up of the sequels, the new IP, Wreckateer, Matter, LocoCycle, and all of the third-party line-up; especially for Europe, FIFA 13 looks amazing; what we have by way of our deep relationship with Activision and what we're doing there with Call of Duty; I look at Ubisoft.

"I think the line-up is first class, and very deep and very wide."

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