Xbox community isn’t pleased with the new Home dashboard makeover

Xbox community isn’t pleased with the new Home dashboard makeover
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A recent Xbox UI update introduced a new look to the Microsoft gaming console’s Home dashboard, but it appears a large number of fans aren’t pleased with the overhaul that’s been made as some fans are now demanding that the old design be brought back.

Of course, this is a highly disappointing development ahead of the rumored Stormcloud Vapor controller release as many of those commenting under a particular Xbox subreddit post are visibly disgruntled due to the new home page’s bombardment of ads and lack of customization options that have seemingly made the UI worse than before. A frustrated responder named KiernanDC had this to say about the recent update: “This new UI is garbage. Beyond pissed at the amount of ads I have to scroll through.”

“I have Gamepass Ultimate – if I want to see the games, I’ll go into the Gamepass hub. I don’t need it shoved in my face. Let me customize [the home page] to get rid of the ads, let me have all my groups, let me organize the way I want – you know, LIKE IT WAS!,” they continued. JollyRoger0750, another commenter, then similarly said: “I’ve never wanted to change to PlayStation in my life before, but this dashboard bloat and not letting us customize so we have to see what they want us to see is absolutely disgusting.”

“Reducing pins down to 2? What were they thinking? How did they not expect us to go crazy? Legit heated over here and about to chuck my Xbox out the window,” they continued. Other reactions further below the thread shared equally identical sentiments as most were clearly disappointed by the inconvenient makeover that the latest UI update has brought about.

Unfortunately, with the new changes having only been introduced recently, it may not be a while until the developers bring in more UI design alterations, if at all. So for now, disgruntled Xbox players will just have to make do with the poor Home dashboard layout that’s forcibly been shoved down their throats for the foreseeable future.