WWE 2K24 dev turns heel banning popular community creator

WWE 2K24 dev turns heel banning popular community creator
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WWE 2K24 is the newest World Wrestling Entertainment installment from 2K. Since 2K22, the series has been mostly good especially following on from the diabolical 2K20. While the reception to the newest entry was positive at launch, there is currently a lot of backlash from fans thanks to arguably the series’ most popular community creator getting banned from WWE 2K24.

In our WWE 2K24 review, we praised the game for its stellar presentation combined with its excellent gameplay and introduction of four new match types. It is a strong continuation of the solid foundations established in 2K22, and there is stuff to anticipate with the upcoming DLC packs that include the release date for CM Punk in May.

While the introduction of CM Punk and other wrestlers from the DLC ensemble is exciting, feelings towards the game right now are very negative. Community Creations is by far the best aspect of the 2K series, and many fans are dismayed that arguably the most popular content creator, WhatsTheStatus, has been banned.

WWE 2K24 bans community creator WhatsTheStatus

On his official Twitter account, WhatsTheStatus shared a screenshot showing that he has received a permanent online ban from WWE 2K24. There’s no specific reasoning provided, the screenshot is just the generic message anyone with a permanent ban receives.

A 2K spokesperson provided the following statement to videogameschronicle:

‘The player in question has received an indefinite ban due to violations of terms. Mods which negatively impact the game experience for other players violate our terms. Our primary concern is a positive WWE 2K24 experience for all players.’

In addition to the above statement from 2K, WhatsTheStatus told videogameschronicle that ‘There was no warning. It just happened’. He explained that ‘Usually there’s a process of 3 strikes, a 24-hour ban, then two weeks, then a permanent ban. I didn’t even get an email stating the reason for the ban’.

Along with receiving no warning, WhatsTheStatus also doesn’t know why he was banned. ‘I was banned with no warning and no confirmation on what caused it, so it could be anything,’ said WhatsTheStatus. ‘I wasn’t the first, nor the only one to upload intergender content but I get the hit and everyone else gets away with it’.

It’s expected that the likely reason WhatsTheStatus has been banned is because of uploading modded content such as wrestler models with different hairstyles, or female wrestlers with the ability to participate in matches against the men. They have also previously uploaded hidden models such as Roman Reigns with a bun and community creations with hidden crowd chants.

Suffice to say, the WWE 2K24 community has not reacted positively to the ban. #FreeStatus has been trending on Twitter ever since with over 10,000 tweets as of writing. Not only that, but popular WWE games content creators have added their voice to the discontent as well as pulled out of the 2K Nextmakers programme.

In addition to not agreeing with the ban, many fans have also argued that it’s ridiculous for WhatsTheStatus to be banned when there’s numerous explicit deepfake adult-rated images and creations uploaded without being taken down. We cannot show or provide links for obvious reasons.

Community creations is the best part of the WWE games every year, and WhatsTheStatus was one of the best and most popular. They kept models up-to-date with mods adding different textures and hairstyles, and they also created some of the best CAWs. It’s a real shame that someone has been banned when their community creations improved the game rather than impacting the experience negatively as suggested by 2K.

WWE 2K24 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.