Grappler WWE 2K18 is set to finally arrive on the Nintendo Switch from tomorrow, December 6, almost two months after its release on other platforms. The news came with a surprise announcement from 2K before WWE's Monday Night Raw television show last night.

The announcement notes that the Nintendo Switch version will feature 'all of the big modes' of its older brothers, including MyCAREER, Road to Glory and Universe alongside all the Superstars as well for both the physical and digital editions. The digital edition will also come bundled with the Kurt Angle DLC until December 13. It should be noted though that, as with a few other notable Switch releases of late, the digital version will require a separate microSD memory card before you buy it, as it comes in at 32GB.

Furthermore, all the DLC scheduled will also be coming to the Nintendo eShop, including the Cena Nuff pack with two versions of John Cena alongside Batista and RVD from launch, and the NXT Generation pack featuring Drew McIntyre, Aleister Black and the newly debuted on Smackdown Ruby Riot (who's now going by the name Ruby Riott on TV because reasons?) will be available 'at a later date'.

Anyway, to celebrate please enjoy this trailer which isn't specifically about the Nintendo Switch version but I think we all need to see Kane and Sting awkwardly fist bumping over the prospect of a Christmas dinner. 

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