Rockstar is gearing up for the re-release of L.A. Noire on modern formats in a couple of weeks, but if you're planning to pick it up on Nintendo Switch you'll need a separate microSD card before you're allowed to download it.

As spotted by users on the Resetera forums, Rockstar recently updated their support page for the detective-em-up to state that the edition of the game featured on the eShop will require 29GB of storage, which is larger than the internal storage that comes with the console (after factoring in system software). As a result, the game must be installed to a microSD card inserted before commencing the download. 

People buying the physical version of the cartridge fare a little better, but at 14GB it still requires a hefty chunk of the console's 32GB hard drive. Furthermore, any microSD cards used must have a read speed of at least 60MB/sec as per Nintendo's own guidelines.  

L.A. Noire releases on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on November 14

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