Codemasters announced today that they are to publish the PAL version of Worms 4: Mayhem, in development at Team 17, celebrating 10 years of Worms action.

The recent Worms Forts Under Siege failed to make an impact at retail, so the original blue print is back in place. Well, not the true original blueprint, as the game doesn't return to its classic 2D gameplay roots that made it so successful. Worms 4 is still a 3D version of Worms.

Set for release in Q2 2005 on PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC, the game introduces a number of new additions to the series. Most exciting is the new Weapons Factory. Here you will be able to design and make you own weapons for use on the battlefield. Obviously keen on customisation, Worms 4 also lets you customise your worms, letting you create an army individual to you.

Sadly there is no mention of online play, but we are hoping this has been left off the press release. With the customisation on offer, taking your troop online would have been great fun.

We will have more on Worms 4 in the coming months.