Ubisoft has announced that the eagerly awaited RTS expansion World in Conflict: Soviet Assault is due for release in March for PC. The expansion will be released as a digital download, with those who don't already own the original World in Conflict able to buy World in Conflict: Complete Edition (the original game and expansion) from retail stores.

"The teams at Massive Entertainment have worked hard to ensure that they are bringing new original content to the popular World in Conflict brand," said John Parkes, marketing director at Ubisoft EMEA. "Fans have been eagerly awaiting Soviet Assault, and Ubisoft is excited to be able to bring them great new material."

Soviet Strike will feature all-new characters, a new campaign from the Soviet perspective, new multiplayer maps and more.

We've contacted Ubisoft regarding the status of the previously announced console versions of World in Conflict, announced when Soviet Strike was to be published by Vivendi.