World in Conflict for Xbox 360 in the autumn

James Orry Updated on by

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Sierra Entertainment let the cat out of the bag last week, and they’ve now officially announced that World in Conflict is coming to Xbox 360 later this year.

The Cold War action RTS is being developed by Sierra’s Swordfish Studios in conjunction with Massive Entertainment, and Xbox 360 gamers are promised gameplay optimised for the Xbox 360 controller and a new heads-up-display that’s more appealing to console gamers.

World in Conflict is very strongly tilted towards tactical decisions and all-out action, and as such is highly suited to the console market. The gameplay removes the need for traditional resource gathering and base-building, meaning players can get straight into the action.

The player will choose to play as Infantry, Armor, Support Forces or Aerial specialists, and with up to 16 players able to compete in multiplayer matches, it’s important to master your role if your side is to be victorious. Multiplayer game types include Domination, Assault and Tug-of-War.

World in Conflict is currently expected for release on Xbox 360 in the autumn, with the PC version making its way to retail in September.