*UPDATED* Will Zelda Tears of the Kingdom have amiibo?

*UPDATED* Will Zelda Tears of the Kingdom have amiibo?
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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be gracing Nintendo Switch consoles soon and its impeding arrival continues to excite fans worldwide.

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The mounting hype is partly due to the success of the previous title, Breath of the Wild, and its unique features. One of the specific mechanics that players want to return in the upcoming follow-up is the amiibo feature. But the question is will Nintendo actually bring back this popular element? Read on to find out.

Does Zelda Tears of the Kingdom have amiibo?

Tears of the Kingdom will have amiibo functionality enabled on release day according to the Zelda segment in the February 2023 Nintendo Direct.

A new “Tears of the Kingdom” Link amiibo will also be available for purchase once the game is launched on May 12th – which you can see for yourself below.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Amiibos

Incidentally, a large number of classic Zelda amiibo figures went live on a French ecommerce site called fnac in January 2023 with each of their ship dates previously slated for February 3, 2023.

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The following amiibos are currently available on the aforementioned order page:

  • Zelda & Loftwing
  • Majora’s Mask Link
  • Twilight Princess Link
  • Ocarina of Time Link
  • Rider Link
  • Wolf Link
  • Skyward Sword Link
  • The Wind Waker Toon Link
  • Archer Link
  • Breath of the Wild Guardian
  • Super Smash Bros Zelda
  • The Wind Waker Zelda
  • 8-bit Link
  • Breath of the Wild Zelda
  • Link’s Awakening Link
  • Bokoblin Breath of the Wild

The notable omissions here are the four champions from Breath of the Wild, further indicating that these amiibos can indeed be used in Tears of the Kingdom.

How will amiibos be used in Tears of the Kingdom?

The official Nintendo UK Twitter account has now given us some more information on how amiibos will work in the new game.

Scanning any amiibo from The Legend of Zelda series, regardless of which entry, will get you some helpful materials and weapons to aid Link on his adventure.

In addition, players will also get a paraglider fabric – with a unique design based on the Zelda entry the amiibo is from. For example, a Majora’s Mask amiibo will make your glider look like the titular mask itself.

How were amiibos used in Breath of the Wild?

Players that purchased any of the previous amiibos mentioned could scan them in the game after unlocking the amiibo rune. Once scanned, different types of resources such as weapons, materials, and ingredients, would be dropped in front of Link. However, there were also some figures like Wolf Link that would appear and help you out in the game. Players could also scan each amiibo once per day so this was an easy way to get materials in Breath of the Wild.

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