Will CM Punk be in WWE 2K24? Why DLC is highly likely

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We are only a few months away from the release of WWE 2K24. The game is bound to come out in March similar to 2K23 and 2K22, and fans can expect details and reveals starting to surface around the Royal Rumble in January. Although details are sparse at the moment, all fans really want to know is if CM Punk will be in WWE 2K24. The cult of personality megastar made his return at Survivor Series, and fans should be optimistic that he will be in the game at least as DLC.

There are very few details about the upcoming installment as of writing, but a really bad WWE 2K23 update has fans worried about 2K24. While news is currently limited, we pretty much know what to expect from the series. More MyGM improvements, another showcase mode featuring a legend of the sport, universe mode, MyRise stories for a male and female-created wrestler, and the best community creation suite of any video game.

The 2K series has fallen under a formula, and fans always strive for new additions. The WWE universe has been beginning for match types like special guest referee, and modes such as create-a-story, and now they understandably want CM Punk to be in the game from day one.

Will CM Punk be in WWE 2K24?

CM Punk has not been announced for WWE 2K24, but there’s a high chance he will be in the game. Phil Brooks is back with the company following his departure from competitor AEW, and he made his return to World Wrestling Entertainment at Survivor Series. He didn’t do anything physical, but his return came with a new rendition of the Cult of Personality theme song performed by Living Color.

No one has been confirmed for the WWE 2K24 roster as of writing. Members of the game’s roster are typically revealed with ratings in late February/early March. Of course, we can pretty much guess 90% of the roster by looking at who’s been with the company for over a year. The likes of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Rhea Ripley, Gunther, LA Knight, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Cody Rhodes, Becky Lynch, etc. are all guaranteed to be in the game, as are wrestlers still with the company that were in 2K22.

However, now there are plenty of new and returning faces fans want to see in the game. There’s Kairi Sane who returned at Crown Jewel on November 4th, there’s Jade Cargill who signed with the E in September, and there’s also NXT talent who weren’t in 2K22 such as Thea Hail. Kairi Sane and Jade Cargill are talents people want to see in 2K24, but CM Punk is the biggest name of everyone.

CM Punk being part of the base roster seems unlikely because of the lateness of his return. 2K’s cut-off for the base roster is typically October, so Phil Brooks misses by a month. But, although he may not be part of the base game’s roster, it’s highly likely he will join as DLC. Bray Wyatt returned in October 2022 and was part of the 2K23 Season Pass, and we’d expect the same to happen with Punk. The inclusion of Punk would heavily boost sales for the game and its season pass, and there’s more than enough time for 2K to scan and create all of the assets they need. Not to mention, all of his moves are already in 2K23.

There is a possibility he could be a pre-order bonus, but this feels less likely compared to just DLC. It’s more than probable that 2K already has their pre-order bonuses planned out and there are rumors that an edition of the game will be dedicated to Bray Wyatt following his passing. Anything could happen, but, again, we’d expect Punk to be part of a DLC pack feasibly called the Cults of Personality.

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