Newest infuriating WWE 2K23 update is possibly disastrous for WWE 2K24

Newest infuriating WWE 2K23 update is possibly disastrous for WWE 2K24
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WWE 2K23 is a strong continuation of the series away from former developer Yuke’s. 2K22 laid a solid foundation following the hideous 2K20, and 2K23 is another layer building upon the foundations of 2K22. Unfortunately, for many fans, WWE 2K23 has now been ruined by update 1.21. This disastrous patch has understandably infuriated fans of community creations, and it possibly spells even worse news for WWE 2K24.

In our WWE 2K23 review, we scored the game as great at 8/10. It truly is another fun installment with the A-tier presentation, fun gameplay, and welcomed additions such as War Games. Online multiplayer and servers have always been an issue, but there’s more than enough single and local multiplayer content with Universe Mode and MyGM. Not to mention the series has the best creation suite of any video game that exists.

Community creations is the heart and soul of the WWE 2K series as they allow players to basically import wrestlers from the competition into the game such as Kenny Omega, Will Ospreay, and plenty of others. The community creations also help the game’s actual roster stay up to date with new and creative attires. However, as good as community creations has been, update 1.21 ruins it and possibly dampens any enthusiasm for 2K24.

WWE 2K23 update 1.21 is infuriating

2K released WWE 2K23 update 1.21 on November 15th. Unfortunately, no patch notes have been shared, but the effects have been felt. Per popular community creator whatsthestatus on Twitter, the update added a mod blocker. This means that any future modded creations cannot be added to community creations. Modded creations uploaded before patch 1.21 such as Rhea Ripley with her new custom hair are fine, but anything after patch 1.21 cannot be uploaded.

Examples of such modded creations include the following:

  • Hidden/MyFaction models
  •  Double hair
  •  Modded arenas
  •  Edits to in-game wrestler models

Whatsthestatus reports that he has found a temporary fix for the time being, but this could spell bad news for WWE 2K24. If modded creations aren’t allowed to work in 2K24, then it’ll be really disappointing as the modded creations are the best uploads. They keep the wrestlers up-to-date unlike 2K themselves, and they allow players to get skins without having to waste time on the dreadfully boring and monetary MyFaction mode stuffed with ugly and costly cards.

Although perhaps inevitable, the blocking of mods is really disappointing and sure to infuriate many of the WWE games community. It blocks freedom for players to further customize and enhance their game, and it’s the community creations that keep the series alive every 12 months between each new installment. Away from just blocking modded uploads to community creations, patch 1.21 has also broken the game for PC users with mod tools installed for the game.

As you’d expect, lots of fans are furious on the WWEGames subreddit. Many fans call it a slap in the face from 2K, and one particularly damning comment says the community needs to ‘wake up on this one and really decide if they want to support 2K24‘. Some comments say they’re going to skip 2K24 next year because of this, and there’s just an overall sentiment that the series is ruined and 2K doesn’t care about the fans.