A French retailer has allegedly listed a White Xbox One hardware bundle for release this October.

The bundle, which has since been removed, reportedly appeared on the website of French video games retailer Micromania this weekend along with a €399.99 price point and October 28 release date. The bundle was said to include a copy of Sunset Overdrive.

The listing tallies with information from infamous industry insider Nktrnl, who stated back in January that a White Xbox One was set to launch this October. The leaker also said that a 1TB Xbox One SKU would release in November, although no further evidence of that has since emerged.

The €399 price also adds further weight to this morning's rumours of a European price cut. The console currently costs €399 standalone, although an update spotted on the Spanish Xbox.com this morning suggests it could soon be reduced to €349.99.

White Xbox One consoles were previously given away for free to Microsoft employees who contributed to the launch of Xbox One, with Major Nelson later teasing that the console could be made available to the public "waaaay in the future".

Microsoft has yet to formally announce a new white SKU. A white PS4, meanwhile, goes on sale next month.

Source: allgamesbeta.com