What’s going on with Dead Island 2?

What’s going on with Dead Island 2?
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Dead Island 2 is supposed to release this spring. Look, it even says so on the game’s Twitter page. But with just over 10 weeks of the season left, it’s beginning to look unlikely that the game will hit its release window. So what’s going on with it?

Within the next 75 days, Dead Island 2 is supposed to have entered and completed a public beta test – complete with a 30 day exclusivity period on PlayStation 4 – before launching in full. But it’s been months since anything about the game has been communicated by publisher Deep Silver.

The Dead Island 2 Twitter account hasn’t tweeted since February, the game’s website hasn’t been updated since December and – as far as we can tell – there hasn’t been anything in the way of a trailer or gameplay clip released since last summer. That doesn’t inspire much confidence for a game that’s supposed to be out relatively soon.

The vague ‘2015’ date now featured on the game’s website, however, does suggest that it may no longer be on track for spring. Indeed, VideoGamer.com understands that Dead Island 2 may even have been pushed back as far as autumn.

For the time being, though, Deep Silver isn’t saying anything; a representative for the publisher chose not to issue a response when we contacted them about the game’s release earlier today. But with that spring window fast drawing to a close, it surely has to provide an update on the project soon.

UPDATE: Eurogamer Czech also claims to have been told by “internal sources” that Dead Island 2 is now set for release in September. Deep Silver has yet to provide an official update on the game’s release.