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We Happy Few gets a major update, including new area to explore

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A major “under the hood” update for We Happy Few on Xbox Game Preview has been released, designed to address the nuts and bolts of how the game works, and the “huge number of issues” Compulsion Games have been made aware of by players.

“When we launched to Game Preview in July, we received a number of bug reports from you, the players, and it became clear that we needed to work on the stability of our encounters (quests) and save systems. We’re extremely grateful for all the feedback, livestreams, and comments,” explained Sam Abbott, Chief Operating Officer at Compulsion Games.”So, we looked at all the bugs and frustrating glitches that players were experiencing, and redesigned our core quest system to address these properly.” 

So what does this new quest system offer for players?

“Apart from making sure that your playthrough will be smooth, it has also given us the chance to go back and improve each of the encounters,” explains Abbott. “Sometimes in small ways; sometimes in big ways.”

One change comes in an encounter called The Altar of the Yam.

“A group of poor Wastrels have deluded themselves into thinking that the one remaining Yam in Wellington Wells is, in fact, a god. And they are worshipping it, complete with ritualistic markings and a kumbaya circle. If you haven’t played We Happy Few, this is pretty much standard Wastrel behaviour,” says Abbott.”The previous version of the quest just wasn’t up to snuff. The Yam was boring, the quest could break if you saved at the wrong time, and Wastrels would glitch while worshipping, among other things. So we redid it, removed all those issues, and added a small surprise that should make the Yam that much more mystical and impressive… and give you a nice reward at the end.”


As an extra reward for players, the prologue now has an extra section after Faraday is left for dead.

You’ll find much more info on the update in the video below.

Source: Xbox Wire

We Happy Few

on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

A drug-fuelled action-adventure game about paranoia and suspicion.

Release Date:

August 9, 2018