Ubisoft will not release any more M-rated titles on Wii U following this autumn's launch of Watch Dogs, CEO Yves Guillemott has said.

The decision to pull out of the adult market follows years of attempting to sell M-rated Assassin's Creed titles on the console; a series, Guillemot says, that fans "don't buy" on Wii U.

"It's very simple," he told Game Informer. "What we see is that Nintendo customers don't buy Assassin's Creed. Last year, we sold in very small numbers."

As the site points out, only 3 per cent of Ubisoft's total FY14 sales were attributed to Wii U, with the remaining 97 per cent derived from sales on PlayStation, Xbox, mobile and PC devices.

Unsurprisingly, it's casual games that are seeing success on Wii U, with blockbuster titles being purchased on other formats.

"What we see is that [consumers] are very interested in Just Dance, very interested by other kinds of games," Guillemot continues. "So what we are trying to do is to focus more on the types of games they are interested in."

Nevertheless, Watch Dogs is still coming to Wii U, Guillemot adds, but "it will be the only mature game we publish on it."

M is the North American classification for Mature, an ESRB rating that restricts the sale of such titles to over-17s.

Ubisoft has released a number of M-rated titles on Wii U in the 18 months following release, including Assassin's Creed 3, Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag and the platform exclusive ZombiU.

Watch Dogs is due to release on Wii U this autumn.

Source: gameinformer.com