Footage used in last week's 'Welcome to Chicago' Watch Dogs trailer was taken from the PlayStation 4 version, creative director Jonathan Morin has confirmed.

"Just to clarify: Our 'Welcome to Chicago' trailer is indeed PS4 Devkit footage," he wrote on Twitter over the weekend. "I know this was a popular question so there you go."

Confirmation follows ongoing comments from the community accusing the game's visuals of being downgraded following its initial 2012 reveal.

However, Morin still maintains that the shaders used in the final PC version are the same as those shown in the first trailer, and that the game's physics are actually "far better now. Also many global FX are better (day/night cycle & volumetric fog for example)".

The PC version will also "push the details better" than the console versions, Morin adds, although he isn't sure whether the game features "PC specific GFX".

Watch Dogs launches on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC on May 27 with a Wii U release following at a later date.


Source: @Design_Cave