The QR code worn by one of the NPCs in Watch Dogs' gameplay demo leads to a hidden viral website.

Scan the QR code shown above into your smartphone and you'll be taken to, a teaser website for Ubisoft's awesome-looking hi-tech espionage-action game, Watch Dogs.

Dot Connexion features an introduction from Joseph Demarco, Aiden Pearce's target in the Watch Dogs E3 demo, as well as information on his gallery of 'underground artwork'.

The website also features interviews with two other characters, Simon Mitchell and Joy Ndidi Adebayo, while a fake press release states that Demarco's art exhibit "is expected to run from October until the end of November".

Could that be a clue as to when to expect more information on Watch Dogs?

Watch Dogs was revealed last night during Ubisoft's E3 press conference.

The game is a hi-tech espionage thriller that follows the story of a cyberpunk assassin who's able to hack into and manipulate electrical devices in the environment.

Speculation initially suggested that the game could be a next-gen title, although Ubisoft's press site was later updated to state that the game would launch on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.