PlayStation 4 gamers will get a Watch Dogs experience which is similar to that of the current-gen version, only with elements which have been magnified, the game's senior producer Dominic Guay has told PlayStation Blog.

"At the heart is the same game's vision. Disrupt is a very scalable game engine, so what we're doing is, we're preserving the game experience, but if you play Watch Dogs on the PlayStation 4 we want to make sure that we use all of the console's capability," explained Guay in a PlayStation Blog dev diary.

He added: "All of the details in the game are pushed forwards, we have more details, more immersion, we're able to increase connectivity, increase the density of things. So it's the same game experience, but basically magnified on the PlayStation 4."

Earlier this year Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot has told Dutch gaming website InsideGamer that Watch Dogs development is being led on PC and next-gen, with this version being downscaled for current-gen systems.

"The team is developing it on high end PCs and next gen, after that other teams are looking how they can make it fit for the older generation. So the first approach is to see how they can take full advantage of the next gen consoles," explained Guillemot.

Watch Dogs is set for release November 22 on current gen platforms, and will also be available on day one for PS4. A next-gen Xbox version is also expected.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog