Ubisoft's Lathieeshe Thillainathan has revealed a few more details on the upcoming Watch Dogs: Legion, including the fact that the game will run at 30fps in 4K with ray-tracing enabled on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. 

Thillainathan—the Live Producer on the game— was answering questions as part of a Reddit AMA over the weekend, in which he took questions from fans that included one on how the upcoming open world adventure ran on the next generation consoles. It's not clear at the time of writing whether players will be given the option to run the game at a higher framerate by disabling features like ray-tracing, or indeed how the game will run on the less powerful Xbox Series S.

However, Thillainathan did reveal some extra details about the game's promised multiplayer modes coming in a free update this December 9, which will include dynamic events —with one taking place at launch— and said that it will be a "dedicated sandbox" with "a new onboarding experience and faster recruitment process" so you can build up your squad and play with friends as quickly as possible, meaning you'll be using a seperate team for multiplayer compared to the main story.

Previous Watch Dogs games included an 'Invasion Mode' where other players could come into your story mode play at any time, and you could choose to deal with them or not. It sounds like this is changing a bit for Watch Dogs: Legion, but Thillainathan was light on details for the time being, saying "Invasion is evolving. We're bringing the play as anyone recipe into the core experience of invasion. Invasion will be in the online mode. This time you can play invasion in public matchmaking or just with friends. you can use anyone on your team to play invasion."

Watch Dogs: Legion is set for release on October 29 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC followed by next-generation launches on November 10 for Xbox Series S/X and November 12/19 for PlayStation 5.

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