Watch Dogs will take the average player around 35-40 hours to complete, creative director Jonathan Morin has claimed, with those looking to finish everything expected to take closer to 100 hours.

"I would say the average player which does free roam a bit tend to reach the end within 35-40h," Morin told a fan on Twitter. "But doing everything is close 100h."

What you'll spend those extra 60 hours doing though isn't yet clear, although part of it, Morin hopes, will be spent entering other players' worlds online.

"Try it first," Morin told a fan sceptical about the game's online functionality. "It balances itself in frequency based on your interaction with the feature."

Watch Dogs' multiplayer allows players to enter other peoples' cities to hack information while trying to avoid being discovered.

The game launches on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC on May 27 with a Wii U version to follow later in the year.

Source: @Design_Cave