Watch Dogs has entered the Japanese weekly video game chart at No.2 with 63,595 copies sold on PS4, according to data published by Media Create.

The PS3 version of Watch Dogs charted at No.6 with 31,028 copies sold.

Elsewhere on PS4, Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate begins its life at No.14 with sales of only 6,768 copies.

PS4 console sales appear to have been boosted ever so slightly by the launch of Watch Dogs - and perhaps Warriros Orochi 3 - jumping from last week's total of 7,009 to 8,059 units.

Sony Japan Studio's Freedom Wars was the week's biggest seller, moving 188,888 copies and helping PS Vita hardware sales jump over 10,000 units to 24,919. 3DS holds at No.1 with 27,884 units.

Wii U hardware sales dropped slightly to 10,653 units.

Source: NeoGAF