by on Apr 8, 2019

Watch Dogs 3 is apparently heading to London

Remember all that chatter about the next Watch Dogs game being set in London? Well, according to Kotaku, this is indeed the case.

The site didn't mention anything else about Watch Dogs 3, only to confirm previous rumours that the game is set in Blighty. This was also the same article that backed up reports about the new Assassin's Creed game featuring Vikings.

Rumours about the setting for Watch Dogs 3 cropped up after the altered ending to Watch Dogs 2 featured coordinates that pointed to Brixton, London. Further chatter suggested an increased focus on melee combat, which makes sense considering firearms are obviously illegal in the UK.

Ubisoft has previously revealed that it plans on releasing up to four new games by March 2020, so there's every chance Watch Dogs 3 could be one of them.


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