A 10GB game update for Watch Dogs 2 to get it ready for the imminent DLC has been rolled out, which rather interestingly has introduced a slightly extended endgame sequence.

If you don't want any form of spoiler then you are probably best leaving now.

Watch Dogs 2 Screenshots

So, on completing the game's story players are now presented with a phone conversation which wasn't present in the game prior to the update. The recorded message plays out inside a media player, showing the file name to be 51.462014, -0.112504.wav. At first glance you might think this was just some gibberish name, but some clever clogs recognised the format as coordinates.

Watch Dogs 3 London

And here's the really interesting bit. Type those coordinates into Google Maps and it takes you into the heart of Brixton, London. Given all Watch Dogs 2 DLC is expected to take place in the original San Francisco setting, online investigators believe Watch Dogs 3 may be set in London.

The timing of the info couldn't be better, with Ubisoft recently putting to bed concerns that the franchise was in trouble. 

It's unlikely we'll hear anything from Ubisoft about a sequel for some time yet, but a rep did tell Kotaku: "The production team wanted to include a little something extra at the end of the campaign to expand the Watch Dogs lore and hint at the potential future of DedSec."

Source: Kotaku

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