Warzone 2 DMZ players are getting tired of overpowered enemy AI bots

Warzone 2 DMZ players are getting tired of overpowered enemy AI bots
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The introduction of Warzone 2 DMZ to the CoD community has been divisive so far, to say the least. Although there are some players that are fully enjoying the experience that it has to offer, a large number of users have also been struggling with multiple aspects of the game.

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The enemy AI that are scattered throughout the Al Mazrah map have been a particularly irritating thorn on player’s sides. Various users on Reddit have created posts detailing their unfortunate experiences with these bots. One specific thread, entitled “DMZ AI’s just makes the game borderline unplayable,” shows the difficulties that they’ve had to go through while playing.

The same player goes on to mention the following in their rant: “The AIs are the absolute worst. They always seem to spawn behind you and [double-tap] you with their [Lockwood] shotgun from 500m away with laser-sharp precision.”

They go on to note that “playing solo is almost pointless since there is no one to revive you. Even with Self-Revive, [they’re] just going to flood you with rounds right as you just resurfaced.” A large number of comments sympathize with the poster’s experiences as they’ve also fallen victim to the AI’s antics.

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One response had this to say about a recent DMZ run: “I played DMZ for the first time since the last update and, wow, what a difference. Even with a squad of three with decent weapons they’re difficult.” Another reply mentioned the blue AI’s specifically. This is because “they always spam smoke like there’s no tomorrow and still have aimbot accuracy shooting through it.”

With the game suffering from a number of other bugs recently, it remains to be seen whether Infinity Ward will be addressing these concern soon. Dealing with it immediately may be for the best, however, because players are seemingly almost at their wit’s end.