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Modern Warfare 2 fans are pleading with devs for a map vote system to avoid Santa Sena

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Modern Warfare 2 gamers are pleading to Call of Duty devs to add a map vote system to the game’s lobbies – in a bid to never play the Santa Sena Border Crossing again.

Right now, the game selects from a handful of maps before randomly assigning where the next battle will take place. This usually works fine, but when some maps (namely Santa Sena) pop up, you can almost count on a number of players leaving the lobby – either before or just after the game starts.

Having a map vote system would certainly solve for this. Here, at the end of every map, you are presented with two maps. Players in the lobby would then vote on where the next round takes place.

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Sound familiar? It is. This system was used in the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3, which allowed gamers to skip maps. Some Call of Duty fans claim having such a system could help the game live longer, claiming that fans eventually got tired with Modern Warfare (2019) because they kept being put on maps they did not enjoy.


Now, there are some drawbacks to this approach.

Santa Sena would essentially become a bit of a graveyard, while other maps would get a lot more game time. It’s also important that having a map vote system could actually make you worse at the game. Perhaps the solution here is to isolate certain maps to playlists.

Santa Sena requires a very different playstyle (or you can do what I do and camp in that room with a Sentry) – and so encourages you to think differently. It is not perfect. The exploding vehicles and spawn points need further balancing, but – dare I say it, it can still be enjoyable at times.

So, is a map vote system in the works any time soon? We don’t think so. If it does arrive, it’ll likely take the form of a skip map system we have seen in previous games – although this is pure speculation at this point.

Right now, if you don’t like the map in Modern Warfare 2, the easiest thing to do is to reset your game and it’ll pick a different one. It’s far quicker than backing out.