Update 1.4 for Warhawk on the PlayStation 3 is now live and should download automatically when you next start up the game. As well as a host of enhancements, the big additions come in the form of two new game modes: Hero and Collector.


One member of each team is randomly selected to be their team's Epic Hero. Victory is achieved by killing enemies when you are the Hero - and by killing the enemy's Hero. Taking down a Hero is no easy job, however - the Hero gets super-high damage resistance and his weapons are twice as powerful - they're even able to take down tanks. The mode calls for radically new tactics which revolve around protecting your team's Hero - but be aware that Hero status moves from player to player at set intervals throughout the game.


Imagine Capture the Flag with loads of different flags - that's Collector. The 'flags' take the form of energy cores scattered throughout the map; each team must battle to win the energy cores and take them back to their reactor to score points. Players can carry more than one core at a time - and can also pass the cores from player to player, making Collection mode a real test of teamwork and strategy.

Other features of update 1.4 include:

Quick-Join: makes it easier for players to find the right game by scanning the servers and finding a game that fits your playing preferences as determined by your filters.

Mini-Map Update: When you're capturing flags, you need to know where to take them straight away. This feature draws a line of the fastest route onto the map for you.

Rank and Award Updates: these adjustments to the rank system make it easier to earn your medals and awards and to rise through the Warhawk ranks.

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