James Orry by on Oct 10, 2005

Voodoo Nights for PC and Xbox 360

You control two loose-cannon cops, Jack and Samuel, who are on the trail of a gang who deal in Voodoo magic. Thankfully the cops also dabble in the black arts. The key to success in the game is to make the two cops work together as a team. As the player you directly control one of the cops (can switch to the other at any time) and direct the other cop with simple commands. You can always see what your partner is up to thanks to picture-in-picture, making coordinated takedowns much easier to implement.

As with many an action games these days, there is also the obligatory slow motion, mode this time given the name DeadTime, which gives you the edge when taking part in gunfights. The game is currently being designed and created for PC and Xbox 360 (subject to approval).


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Voodoo Nights

Voodoo Nights

A buddy cop action game for PC and Xbox 360.

Release Date:

25 June 2022