by on Aug 19, 2015

Volume getting new difficulty mode to address checkpointing “exploit”

Volume won’t be patched to change the way checkpointing works, but will see a new harder difficulty mode introduced which tweaks the way the current checkpointing system is implemented, developer Mike Bithell has said.

The current system allows players to trigger a checkpoint while enemies are in an alert state, potentially leading to exploitation of AI positioning, and was the main criticism of our review.

“We have heard your praise and criticism and are ready to act on both counts,” wrote Bithell in a new blog.

He added: “In terms of criticism, we hear you loud and clear on the checkpointing. The design decision wasn’t challenging enough for some and we are diving back in to enhance the Volume. For those who were happy with the game’s checkpointing, don’t worry, that’s still going to be there for you. We’re going to augment Volume with a more difficult mode, focused on another protagonist, a tougher leaderboard which rewards pure stealth play, checkpointing only when unseen, and no story to distract you from the thievery. We’ll get a more detailed update out on our plans for this soon.”

Additional smaller tweaks are also incoming, addressing subtitles, better language support and a more comprehensive settings screen.

“Thank you again for your purchase of the game. We are listening, and hope to support our growing community in the Volume,” Bithell concluded.



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18 August 2015