A third VGA teaser image for the game previously thought to be a new entry in the Resident Evil franchise has been released, seemingly debunking talk of Capcom's zombie series.

Previous imagery features zombie graphics also found on official Resident Evil t-shirts, but the third image points to Activision's new game reveal.

The words, 'Murder Your Maker' appear on the bottom left corner of the image, matching the message of Activision's teaser website which is thought to be for Prototype 2.

Also found on the image, which features a solider holding a boy's hand, is a scrawled message reading, "Don't ever leave the green zone!" and in the bottom right corner "3 of 3".

We're still guessing that the game reveal will be Prototype 2, but it does appear that we can put to bed talk of a new Resident Evil game - at least in relation to this particular teaser.

All will become clear on December 11 - or 1am on December 12 for those in the UK - when Spike's Video Game Awards show takes place.