Grisly action-adventure Vampyr has received the second instalment in developer DontNod's ongoing webseries. This latest behind-the-scenes video looks at how the team has gone about recreating 1918-flavoured London and its accompanying score. 

Architects of the Obscure delves deeper into the four districts of the sprawling city, such as the poverty-ravaged Whitechapel and Docks, or the wealthier West End, which is also home to Ekons plotting away in the darkest corners of the city.  Meanwhile, Pembroke Hospital affords an ideal opportunity for protagonist Jonathan Reid to put his skills as a doctor to good use.

Elsewhere, we're offered a glimpse at Vampyr's atmospheric score composed by Olivier Deriviere, and his efforts in translating Reid's inner termoil into music. The video also treats us to a performance by celloist Eric-Maria Couturier, a key force in the game's soundtrack. 

Vampyr is currently in development for PS4, PC, and Xbox One and will launch in Spring 2018.

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