DontNod has kicked off a new webseries offering an intimate look at its blood-sucking RPG Vampyr. Today's inaugural chapter in the four-week series, Making Monsters, examines the creative process behind bringing the game's vampiric protagonist Jonathan Reid to life.

A former doctor, Reid is freshly turned and as such is only just coming to terms with his bloodlust before he's thrown into an underground society of creatures that share the same thirst for the red stuff. DontNod observes that as a vampire, Reid is self-aware of his nature as a predator as opposed to other beasts such as werewolves and ghouls.

Bloodsuckers aren't the only fiendish creatures that stalk the night though, as players will also have to contend with Ancient Ekons, Vulkods, and Skals among other demonic forces that inhabit London's cobbled streets and alleyways. 

Check out Episode 1: Making Monsters below. Vampyr is due for release on PS4, PC, and Xbox One in Spring 2018, and we can expect to see a sequel rather than DLC if the game is received well enough.

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