Valorant’s next Agent is Killjoy: an engineer whose technical abilities like a turret and an alarmbot turns the tide in battles (via Metabomb).

Riot Games preemptively revealed Killjoy through a page for the Agent on Valorant’s website. Of course, it’s gone now, but Reddit user OmoiReddit copied and pasted her abilities and pika_chutp composed a short clip on imgur which shows off how they work. So, here goes. 

The new Agent’s abilities are Alarmbot, Turret, Nanoswarm, and Lockdown. Two of these are rather self explanatory. The Alarmbot scouts out enemies and goes bang in their faces, as well as “temporarily [leaving] affected targets vulnerable to double damage from all sources.” The Turret has a 180 degree cone with which to deal damage and control an area. 

The Nanoswarm is a grenade that looks like an egg but works very much like a grenade filled with angry nanobots. And lastly, Lockdown is a doohickey that slows all enemies caught in its radius for eight seconds. It takes time to set up though, so if the enemy spots it as it starts, they can destroy it before the effect holds them in place.

As aforementioned, Riot Games wasn’t quite ready to announce Killjoy. We’ll keep you in the loop once we do get a proper reveal.

Valorant is out now for PC. 

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